Become a myIVFanswers volunteer and help with our significant mission that can literally change the quality of patients’ fertility journey – and consequently, patients’ lives.

More and more people are struggling with infertility in the world today. Without the help of fertility experts, it is not easy to understand what treatment options patients should decide on and what precautions to take to get closer to the dream of being a parent. And the further patients go, questions continue to appear at every step of the fertility road. Our mission is to help them to get all their questions answered and provide them with guidance and resources they might need along the way. 

Whether you or someone you know have gone through infertility or whether you encounter it for the first time, becoming a volunteer is a great opportunity to help those who are working so hard on their biggest dream. Giving your time to such an important cause is truly fulfilling, and there couldn’t be a greater gift in the world than supporting someone who feels lost and in need of a helping hand.

We are ready to assist volunteers in any way needed and will provide them with all resources that would help them execute their tasks and support fertility patients.

“Volunteering has been a great opportunity for me to learn more about infertility. Every time I felt closer to all the people joining our events and felt many emotions running through me. It made me inspired and eager to do my best and try finding new ways of helping them. It was also fantastic to work with so many fertility professionals who have dedicated their lives to helping people make their dream of having a family come true.” – Goda Gedrimaite, EFS Italia.

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