Supplements – should you take them when trying to conceive

Sandra Greenbank
Registered Nutritional Therapist, FdSc, Dip ION, mBANT, mIFM, Founder of The Fertility Nutrition Centre , Fertility Nutrition Centre

Lifestyle and Fertility

From this video you will find out:
  • Which nutrients are most important during pregnancy?
  • Is it really necessary to take prenatal vitamins?
  • What is the role of antioxidants when you’re trying to conceive?
  • What is the role of selenium in conception and pregnancy?
  • Can CoQ10 boost your fertility?
  • Why vitamin D is so important when trying to conceive
  • What are the benefits of Omega-3 for fertility?
  • What does a fertility nutritionist do?

Supplements – should you take them when trying to conceive

What are the best supplements to take when trying to get pregnant?

In this webinar, Sandra Greenbank, an expert in fertility nutrition, The Founder of The Fertility Nutrition Centre, has discussed the role of supplements and whether you should be taking them when you’re trying to conceive.
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Sandra Greenbank

Sandra Greenbank

Sandra Greenbank is the founder of The Fertility Nutrition Centre and an expert in fertility nutrition. After 12 years of helping hundreds of couples successfully conceive naturally, she is making it possible for more couples to receive the support they need, by creating a network of nutrition experts, who have committed to a unique and in-depth training program in the field of fertility. Sandra has studied for four years at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition and qualified in 2009. She's also a member of BANT, which means that she has to continuously attend undergraduate and postgraduate training on a regular basis.
Event Moderator
Caroline Kulczycka

Caroline Kulczycka

Caroline Kulczycka is managing MyIVFAnswers.com and has been hosting IVFWEBINARS dedicated to patients struggling with infertility since 2020. She's highly motivated and believes that educating patients so that they can make informed decisions is essential in their IVF journey. In the past, she has been working as an International Patient Coordinator, where she was helping and directing patients on their right path. She also worked in the tourism industry, and dealt with international customers on a daily basis, including working abroad. In her free time, you’ll find her travelling, biking, learning new things, or spending time outdoors.
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