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Poor responders – new techniques and strategies

Mauricio Gómez, MD
Gynecologist, specialized in Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine at Reproclinic, Reproclinic

Advanced Maternal Age, Low Ovarian Reserve

From this video you will find out:
  • What parameters define poor ovarian responders?
  • What criteria must be present to classify a patient as a poor responder according to Bologna criteria?
  • What is (POSEIDON) Patient-Oriented Strategy Encompassing Individualized Oocyte Number classification?
  • What is the difference between conventional ovarian stimulation and non-conventional (mild, mini, natural cycle) for Poor Responders undergoing IVF?
  • What types of gonadotrophins are there?
  • What dose of gonadotrophins is recommended?
  • What other therapies are there to increase the chances of pregnancy in women with Poor Ovarian Response (POR)?
  • Which supplements are recommended, and what is their role?

Poor responders – new techniques and strategies

What strategies are there in the management of poor ovarian response in IVF?

In this session, Dr Mauricio Gómez, Gynaecologist specialized in Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine at Reproclinic, Barcelona, Spain, has talked about the concept of poor ovarian response (POR), its strong relationship with age, and the concept of personalized treatment.
Agonist, Antagonist or Mini stimulation protocol? How stimulation protocols may affect treatment?
How ovarian rejuvenation and PRP may work for patients with diminished ovarian reserve?
Let’s talk about IVF add-ons: IMSI, PICSI, MACS, AH, EmbryoScope,  EmbryoGlue. When,  why, and how?
Day 3 embryos – to transfer or not to transfer? Day 3 embryo transfer dilemmas
Miscarriages: how and where to look for solutions?
Are you a poor responder?  How to make your IVF cycle successful?
Mauricio Gómez, MD

Mauricio Gómez, MD

Dr Mauricio Gómez is a Gynaecologist specialized in Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine. He received a medical degree and specialized in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of Barcelona, Spain. He has been working since 2002 at several centres of Human Reproduction in Barcelona and he currently provides clinical services at REPROCLINIC together with an extraordinary, human and professional team, and a great laboratory. His target is to help people to make their dreams become true.
Event Moderator
Caroline Kulczycka

Caroline Kulczycka

Caroline Kulczycka is managing MyIVFAnswers.com and has been hosting IVFWEBINARS dedicated to patients struggling with infertility since 2020. She's highly motivated and believes that educating patients so that they can make informed decisions is essential in their IVF journey. In the past, she has been working as an International Patient Coordinator, where she was helping and directing patients on their right path. She also worked in the tourism industry, and dealt with international customers on a daily basis, including working abroad. In her free time, you’ll find her travelling, biking, learning new things, or spending time outdoors.
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