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Hypnotherapy – can it help with infertility?

Andrea Yearsley, CC.Hyp. CPPD. MPMH.
RTT Therapist & Transformational Coach, Founder of Pebble Fertility, Pebble Fertility

Emotions and Support, Lifestyle and Fertility

From this video you will find out:
  • What is hypnosis?
  • What is the difference between hypnosis, classical hypnotherapy & RTT?
  • Is there some scientific evidence supporting hypnosis for fertility issues?
  • Why is hypnotherapy so effective for fertility issues?
  • How does hypnotherapy work to improve fertility?
  • When is the best time to commence hypnotherapy in a treatment cycle?
  • Can hypnosis help with stress?
  • Is it possible to create new, positive beliefs with hypnosis?

Can hypnotherapy help me to get pregnant?

In this session, Andrea Yearsley, RTT Therapist & Transformational Coach, Founder of Pebble Fertility, has discussed how hypnotherapy can be beneficial for those struggling to conceive and what happens during a typical hypnotherapy session.

Andrea Yearsley, CC.Hyp. CPPD. MPMH.

Andrea Yearsley, CC.Hyp. CPPD. MPMH.

Andrea Yearsley is a clinical hypnotherapist, RTT therapist, coach and trainer. She runs the holistic fertility company Pebble Fertility and works remotely with her clients to remove subconscious blocks, reduce stress and address lifestyle issues. Having experienced fertility issues first-hand, Andrea is passionate about supporting others through their fertility journey.
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Caroline Kulczycka

Caroline Kulczycka

Caroline Kulczycka is an International Patient Coordinator who has been supporting IVF patients for over 2 years. Always eager to help and provide comprehensive information based on her thorough knowledge and experience whether you are just starting or are in the middle of your IVF journey. She’s a customer care specialist with +10 years of experience, worked also in the tourism industry, and dealt with international customers on a daily basis, including working abroad. When she’s not taking care of her customers and patients, you’ll find her traveling, biking, learning new things, or spending time outdoors.


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