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Fertility in 2023: latest advances in Reproductive Medicine at IVF-Life

Dr Oliver Pack
Fertility Specialist at IVF-Life Alicante, IVF Life Group

Advanced Maternal Age, Donor Eggs, Genetics PGS / PGT-A, IVF Abroad

From this video you will find out:
  • What treatment options and solutions are there for women of advanced maternal age?
  • How can PGT-A work, and when is it recommended?
  • How does ovarian & endometrial rejuvenation work?
  • What kind of treatment options are available for single women and lesbian couples?
  • What are the newest advances in Reproductive Medicine?

Fertility in 2023: latest advances in Reproductive Medicine at IVF-Life

In this webinar, Dr Oliver Pack, Fertility Specialist at IVF-Life Alicante discussed all the latest advances in reproductive medicine in 2023. Dr Pack talked about  PGT-A, advanced maternal age, egg donation, fertility preservation, and ovarian reservation.
Implantation Failure in IVF – Why does it happen and how to prevent it?
The effect of endometriosis and its IVF/ICSI outcome?
Add-ons (Time-lapse, MACS, EmbryoGlue, etc.). What you need to ask about additional treatments?
Success case study: repeated miscarriages
Main factors of egg donation failure and what to do to overcome this?
What do you need to know before embarking on your IVF journey?
Dr Oliver Pack

Dr Oliver Pack

Dr Oliver Pack was born in Solingen, Germany. In 1994, he travelled to Spain to start his medical studies. In 1999, he obtained his title from the Universidad de Salamanca. Soon after, he started his General Practitioner specialisation at the General Hospital of Alicante. His interest in closeness to the patient and personalised treatment motivated him to specialise in Reproductive Medicine. In 2018, he became part of IVF Spain's medical team.
Event Moderator
Caroline Kulczycka

Caroline Kulczycka

Caroline Kulczycka is managing and has been hosting IVFWEBINARS dedicated to patients struggling with infertility since 2020. She's highly motivated and believes that educating patients so that they can make informed decisions is essential in their IVF journey. In the past, she has been working as an International Patient Coordinator, where she was helping and directing patients on their right path. She also worked in the tourism industry, and dealt with international customers on a daily basis, including working abroad. In her free time, you’ll find her travelling, biking, learning new things, or spending time outdoors.
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