Reliable cryo-shipping for IVF – part 2

Peter Hura
Head of IVF Courier Service at First Egg Bank , First Egg Bank

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Reliable cryo shipping for IVF
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Reliable cryo-shipping for IVF – part 2

Cryo-shipping of embryos, oocytes and sperm

If you are planning your fertility treatment with donor eggs/sperm and you need to have the samples transported from an egg bank where you purchased them to a clinic of your choice, then IVF courier services may turn out to be the solution you need. In case your frozen genetic material is at a clinic where you have had treatment and wish to go ahead with IVF at a different clinic abroad, you may also arrange a courier service for that. The samples will be safely transported from one clinic to the other and all necessary documentation is done for you. Watch the webinar “Reliable IVF cryoshipping. How to choose an IVF courier?” with Peter Hura, Head of Logistics Department at First Egg Bank to find out everything about the process of transporting genetic biomaterial (oocytes, semen samples or embryos) to various international destinations, means of transportation and services offered by IVF courier.

Cryo-shipping of embryos, oocytes and sperm - Questions and Answers

What are the air transport containers called and which companies supply them?

For transportation we use two types of cryo containers; one of them is the Tylor Wharton CX100 by Cryogenics LLC and the other is MVE SC4/2v by CryoSolutions USA. Both of these types comply with all regulations. The first is produced by a German company and the second by a company in the USA.

How long do these containers hold a stable temperature?

Both of these containers are certified for the safe storage of material for ten days.

I would need to ship oocytes from Hawaii to Spain. This is a long travel time and I wonder if this can be accomplished and approximately how much it would cost.

Transportation from Hawaii takes about three days, but you have to remember that to be able to transport biological material from Hawaii, you have to receive permission from the local Ministry of Health. The price can vary as it depends on the date you are able pick up the samples and deliver them to the clinical storage centre. You can contact us anytime by email address and we will be able to calculate the price for the dates you are interested in.

Do you include Italy as a delivery destination?

Yes, of course, we deliver oocytes, as well as embryos and sperm samples to Italy.

Where is your company registered?

Our company is registered in Belgium. If you are from Belgium you can even visit First Egg Bank in person.

Do you have a list of countries where you cannot send IVF samples or where this is not allowed by law or other legislation?

You can find the list on our website. These are almost always Muslim countries because it is strictly forbidden to obtain genetic materials from another country. This means that you cannot send samples either to or from India, Iraq, Turkey, Nepal or other countries without permission from the Ministry of Health.

If a patient decides to book a shipping service, how fast can you organize the shipment? Does it depend on location or any other factors?

It depends, first of all, on the location but also on the status of the country, whether we need to wait for permission from the Ministry of Health. Transportation takes one or two days to deliver from one country to another but the process of agreement means that everything can take about one to two weeks.
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Peter Hura

Peter Hura

Peter Hura is Head of the logistics department at First Egg Bank. Smart, multitasking, sociable, Peter is an experienced IVF courier and logistics specialist. He is in charge of worldwide cryoshipments (frozen donor eggs, sperm, embryos) for intended parents or on demand for private fertility clinics and surrogacy agencies. His responsibilities are: complex delivery organisation; arranging issues between clinic representatives, where cells are stored, Air Security and Customs clearance. He has performed more than 100 cryoshipments during only a year. The list of countries where deliveries were performed includes the UK, Spain, Poland, Denmark, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Israel, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, and the USA. All patients have a guarantee that their order will be safely delivered to the destination point.
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