Acupuncture – can it increase chances of getting pregnant?

Mike Berkley
Founder & Director of The Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness, The Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness

Emotions and Support, Endometriosis, PCOS

From this video you will find out:
  • How can acupuncture help with PCOS and how many sessions are needed to increase your chances?
  • What you should know about Chinese herbs and how beneficial are they?
  • Is acupuncture effective in the treatment of endometriosis?
  • Can acupuncture help follicles grow?
  • How can miscarriage be prevented with acupuncture and TCM?

Acupuncture – can it increase chances of getting pregnant?

Does acupuncture help with trying to conceive?

In this webinar, Mike Berkley, Founder & Director of The Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness, New York City, USA, has discussed acupuncture, how it’s done, and what are its benefits when you’re trying to conceive.
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Mike Berkley

Mike Berkley

Mike Berkley is the founder and director of The Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness. He is licensed and Board Certified in Acupuncture in New York State and certified in Chinese herbology by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Mike graduated from The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York in 1996, and he has been treating reproductive disorders since then. Mike is the first acupuncturist/herbalist in the United States to work exclusively in the field of reproductive medicine.
Event Moderator
Caroline Kulczycka

Caroline Kulczycka

Caroline Kulczycka is managing MyIVFAnswers.com and has been hosting IVFWEBINARS dedicated to patients struggling with infertility since 2020. She's highly motivated and believes that educating patients so that they can make informed decisions is essential in their IVF journey. In the past, she has been working as an International Patient Coordinator, where she was helping and directing patients on their right path. She also worked in the tourism industry, and dealt with international customers on a daily basis, including working abroad. In her free time, you’ll find her travelling, biking, learning new things, or spending time outdoors.
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