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It is understandable that the situation the world is facing today causes a lot of fears and anxieties among all of you that are struggling with infertility. In light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, your hopes were thrown into uncertainty and dreams of having a child were put on hold. And no one can precisely determine for how long.

International airports have been shut and airlines have cancelled their flights, asking clients to postpone their travel plans to next year. Borders remain closed to all incoming foreigners and we all are asked to #stayhome. While self-isolation and social distancing are of highest importance nowadays, they may also result in frustration over lack of access to the treatment possibilities you were hoping for. One moment you were planning your IVF abroad, the next one you are informed that your cycle is cancelled and you have to wait till the situation improves. The uncertainty is one of the worst parts about the fertility journey and it seems that now it is the only thing you are left with.

From your point of view, the coronavirus outbreak means not only the cut off from your planned or ongoing treatment plan but also the lack of support from a counsellor who can help you look at the issues you are facing. As IVF units limit all face to face contact between fertility specialists and patients, appointments involving attendance at the clinics are cancelled until further notice.

And we know that emotional support is what you need the most. IVF treatment can be a real rollercoaster of emotions – especially now, when you are experiencing more isolation and stress than ever before. Being able to contact people who can relate to what you’re going through is crucial and should not be suspended under any circumstances. 

That’s the reason we have decided to turn into first aid online support to all IVF patients in need.

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