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I’m 49, about to do my 5th donor IVF cycle with the 3rd donor. The first cycle resulted in a chemical pregnancy. My BMI was over 30 for all cycles. The cycle will include an ERA test. Would you recommend a hysteroscopy at the same time as the ERA test? I am on medication for hypothyroidism and have one ovary and blocked fallopian tubes. I have gone through menopause but have been on progesterone for 3 months. Any advice you can give to increase the odds of success?

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In my hysteroscopy, there was a possibility of adhesions but not certainty. At the same time, my endometrium is always between 7-11 mm at the moment of ovulation. Does such an endometrium exclude adhesions in your opinion? Can adhesions prevent implantation? From your experience, how big is the improvement achieved by PRP? I’m 41 but already at age 36, my testosterone was practically zero. How many failed IVF cycles are too many? I’ve had several complete fertilization failures and empty follicles. I’ve had 8 already, all with high stimulation doses.

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What kind of simulation protocol do you recommend for older women with PCOS? Do you use Clomid or Femara? I’m 51, but my FSH is still 5.6 nanograms per millimeter, LH is 4.4, prolactin is 64.4, estral is 111.6, and I don’t have high testosterone. My last AFC was 26. I get a lot of eggs with FSH-only protocols, but they are immature. Last round I did estrogen priming and added LH to the protocol, but got only four eggs, two of them fertilized, and only one blastocyst. 

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