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I’m currently 32 weeks pregnant and have learned that people who are not so close to me, for example, neighbours feel very comfortable asking me casually who the father is. I’m proud of my journey and very happy to become a single mom, but I have no idea what to answer. I think it’s a private matter and my child story and not mine to share with everyone. Any advice on how to cope with nosy people, I don’t want to come across as someone ashamed of their situation.

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I’m 46, and this is my second round of IVF. My test for my last one was negative, and I decided to try my eggs again because my eggs were fertilized. My doctor did warn me not to and to go for donor egg and sperm. I’m away in Greece, and this time around, I find it difficult to focus, I’m more emotional. It’s a lonely place as none of my friends understands. I do have a solo group, and I’ve bonded with a couple of ladies who are now pregnant and just wondering if I need to get some therapy and how do I go about that?

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I had 1 unsuccessful donor egg transfer, I have only 1 healthy embryo left. I am a healthy 47-year-old, and I had a baby before. I have had two miscarriages before, my pelvic scan showed 2 fibroids that would not interfere with transfer. The clinic I am attending is suggesting a hysteroscopy to check there are no issues in the womb. Should I be asking for tests for microbiotic problems? I have found the clinic to be good, but I am concerned, it is our last chance.

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 I am 31, my AMH is 2.9 ng/ml, I have closed tubes. I had 4 unsuccessful IVF attempts ( 1 miscarriage in the 10th week of pregnancy). The more I got stimulated (higher doses), the worse result (fewer eggs, no fertilization). In the end, I have only 1-2 embryos of BB quality on day-3 to transfer. Semen analysis (even DNA fragmentation) is good, egg donation is not an option for us. What can we do to achieve pregnancy with our own material, even if we have just a few embryos?

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