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I had a miscarriage last week at about 8.5 weeks and had surgical management on Friday. I was pregnant for my second round of IVF with a sperm donor and my own eggs. I have no known fertility issues but had to do IVF as I am single. My embryos were created when I was 41, I’ve just turned 42. I have 2 frozen embryos, but I want to do another IVF cycle asap because of my age. My AMH is 2.4, how long should I wait after the procedure till I can try again? Is there anything I can do to improve my chances?

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I’m 43 in July, I have premature ovarian failure, and I was perimenopausal in my mid-30s. I went straight to donor eggs in Spain and have had 6 embryo transfers with 7 embryos, but not one has ever been implanted. I have been on Clexane, aspirin, and prednisolone, amongst other medications. I have one last embryo, on my third cycle, and will be having immunology tests. My clinic doesn’t feel the ERA test is necessary, but I’m struggling after, so many failed donor implantations. Is there anything else that you can recommend? None of the embryos was ever tested.

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I’m 42, my partner is 37 like you. We haven’t been able to conceive naturally, we started IVF last year, we have 9 frozen embryos, they are day-3 embryos. We don’t know if they are normal, we don’t even know if they would get to day-5. I am thinking about whether we should continue with embryo banking or just proceed with the transfer, if this doesn’t work, we will go for donor eggs. I just worry that my eggs after 40 are mostly abnormal, and the chance is really low, and I am just wasting time. My partner is open to options.

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