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I understand that embryo monitoring helps to choose the most suitable embryo. Besides that, does embryo monitoring directly increases the chances of implantation rate compared to embryos that managed to develop to day 5 in standard conditions due to the better condition for development in embryo monitoring? Especially, does the process of embryo development influence any potential genetic issues or do those genetic problems come directly from egg and sperm and the development process during the 5 cultivation days doesn’t play a role anymore?

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I am 43, and I have 4 embryos left, 2 of mine which have fragmentation and 2 donor embryos, all of which have been frozen on day 3. All of my previous transfers have failed (2 with my embryos and 1 with the donor). My clinic pushes 3-day transfers, but at this point, I’m thinking to thaw and try to push my remaining embryos to day 5, but I fear I will lose them all. Should I attempt to push them to day 5, I’ve just completed an ERA test and have a hysteroscopy scheduled to make sure there are no issues.

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