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I am almost 45, I’m trying to conceive for the last 14 months. My AMH is 0.5 and my FSH is 7. I have a normal cycle, my partner is 44, his sperm is normal. I have attended a gynaecologist, and he did a brief ultrasound and found everything is normal, he cannot see why I should not become pregnant eventually (as he thinks menopause is a long way away yet for me). He advised against IVF because he thought it would be a waste of money and time given my AMH unless we use donor eggs, which we are not interested in. What do you think?

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I am 32, no previous pregnancy. I was on the pill from the age of 18 to 25. Then NXT Implanon implant from 26-31. When I took my implant out on April 21, I got my period back in June 2021. I started fertility lab work in July, my AMH is coming in very low at 0.4 pmol/L – 0.56 ng/ml, my FSH has been up and down each month at cycle day 3 as low as 7.2, high as 29. It’s been six months since my NXT Implanon came out, but could my system still be asleep and AMH could rise with more time? Any suggestions for improving chances for achieving pregnancy?

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