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I have transferred 6 euploid embryos. I have a five-year-old from the first frozen embryo transfer, had 3 failed transfers and then success when adding Medrol and Levonox in January. We lost the baby at 12 weeks due to SCH causing a placental abruption. Our transfer after that wasn’t successful, and we only have 1 embryo left, we’re preparing to transfer in November. Would this be considered recurrent implantation failure? Is the SCH related to immune issues? Should we change my protocol? My RE is having me suppress with Provera 10 mg 2 x day leading up to transfer, he doesn’t think Lupron is necessary.

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We are both 35, we’re trying to conceive for the past 2 years. My husband’s sperm is great. HyCoSy was normal, I ovulate regularly, and my AMH is 6.1 pmol/L. We’ve decided to go for IVF given the time we’re trying to conceive, I’ve never been pregnant, 1st cycle, 4 follicles, 1 egg retrieved, 4AB blastocyst (transfer was painful as uterine fundus hit by the inexperienced practitioner). In my 2nd cycle (with androgen priming and max dose of FSH) there were 4 follicles, 3 mature eggs, and 3 blastocysts. Fresh transfer 4AB, which was much better. I am due to do a frozen embryo transfer with 4BB, I still, have another blastocyst after that (4BC). I was offered TRIO biopsy if I want, but I was told that 2 failed transfers are fairly normal, and the doctor advised me to carry on. Do you agree, I’m nervous that endometriosis is affecting implantation, and we will waste good embryos when I already have a history of poor ovarian response, and I may not get many more.

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I have a 6-year-old through C-section naturally conceived and 1 miscarriage previously. I am trying for a sibling, I have had 7 failed IVFs, which started when I was 36, 4th round ended in a missed miscarriage, and others failed with good embryos. I had 2 DE rounds which failed with excellent embryos. ERA showed receptive, Chicago test was fine, and I have had 2 hysteroscopies, which were fine. I have 1 embryo left so I am unsure what is the problem. For our last round, we used MACS.

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I’m 36, I’m doing IVF with PGT-A to avoid passing on the genetic condition I’m a carrier for. I’ve been pregnant naturally once before but we decided to terminate it in the second trimester due to the baby inheriting this genetic condition. Our first good grade day 6BB euploid embryo led to early chemical pregnancy. I’m getting ready for FET 2 with another day 6 BB euploid embryo, but I’m worried about getting the same outcome. Could the chemical pregnancy with my first FET have just been bad luck, and if we keep transferring good great euploid embryos, are we likely to achieve a live birth? I’ve had 2 normal saline sonograms, normal fertilization, microbiome and infection testing, and normal TSH and vitamin D levels. My husband has been found to have high double strand fragmentation, but it wasn’t so high that we couldn’t use the FertileChip, and we used ICSI.

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I have had 7 euploid transfers made with my own eggs and my partner’s sperm, all with no implantation. We have been investigated extensively, karyotype testing, thrombophilia screen, autoimmune antibody screen, Hysterosalpingography, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, ERA/ALICE, CD138, NK, and full blood immune testing. The only abnormality that might account for the implantation failure is a complete DQA1 match between my partner and me, I have not responded to LIT. Will this ever work for me? What am I missing? Should I move to surrogacy or keep trying? We have 12 euploid embryos remaining, (no issue with making embryos at all).

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