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As a mum through egg donation, I just want to share that telling was a very scary prospect at first, but now as my children are here, my fears have lessened, and I know it’s the right thing to be truthful about their origins. I also now wish to be able to give them more information about the donor if they ask, whereas before, I was more comfortable with anonymous. I feel that an open ID at 18 is a good option to provide some anonymity but to allow rights to the children too. Is this something that Spain might consider?

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Concerning HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy), my doctor has put me on, I’m a bit worried about taking estrogen and progesterone together (it’s called Cyclo-Progynova). My doctor asked me to take it for 21 days, then wait for my cycle to come and take it again on the 19th of my cycle. It’s a lot, and I am concerned about side effects like increased breast cancer risk, I have a family cancer risk of breast cancer. I wanted to ask what do you think about this? Does HRT help in the IVF cycle? My periods have started to be irregular hence why I think my doctor has put me on them, is there another way to avoid HRT? I am almost 42.

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