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Temos International Healthcare Accreditation

Country: Germany
City: Bergisch Gladbach
About Temos International Healthcare Accreditation

Temos International Healthcare Accreditation

Founded in 2010 as a spin-off of a European scientific project by a governmental German research organization, Temos is the first international healthcare accreditation organization to incorporate standards specifically designed for hospitals and clinics that serve domestic and international patients. Since then, the company has evolved into an organization offering the highest standards of accreditation for healthcare organizations globally through its ISQua/IEEA accredited medical and dental standards.

Temos International Healthcare Accreditation (TIHA) has created the only one of its kind patient-centered international accreditation program designed specifically to meet the particular needs of reproductive health practices and clinics. Temos takes into consideration all the aspects of reproductive care – up-to-date technology, qualified staff, and the complete patient experience. We help improve the clinic’s overall services, not only the laboratory.
Similar to the holistic approach to patient centered care, Temos accreditation is a complete guide to review and improve clinical quality management, patient and staff safety, patient experience management, effective communication, and more. Comprehensive yet culturally sensitive,

Temos works with each client to improve healthcare practices in ethical and transparent methods.

Our affordable accreditation programs are designed to help each clinic’s team function more effectively and efficiently. With our exclusive on-line tools, every team is seamlessly guided through the self-assessment process without the added expense of hiring consultants. And if a client discovers that it needs extra help, Temos experts are ready to answer questions and provide assistance – at no extra cost.

Temos brings the best global practices to each and every individual seeking treatment whether domestic or international.

Temos offers two distinctive accreditation programs.

The “Quality in Reproductive Care” accreditation program is developed for practices, clinics, and hospitals to strengthen their clinical and nonclinical services. Topics reviewed include clinical quality management, patient and staff safety, patient experience management, effective communication, legal and ethical issues, and more. This comprehensive approach takes into consideration the distinctive services delivered to clients to meet and exceed their unique medical, emotional, and cultural needs.
This option is preferred by providers whose clients either are (1) exclusively domestic or (2) who treat domestic and international patients, but the international patients are less than 10% of all patients.

The “Excellence in International Reproductive Care” program includes all the standards in the “Quality” program plus it contains additional standards specifically designed to meet the particular needs of international patients. Successfully complete the “Excellence” program and also receive accreditation for the “Quality” program – a 2-for-1 bonus!

The “Excellence” program is for providers who either (1) serve international patients only or (2) treat a combination of domestic and international clients with international patients comprising more than 10% of all patients. Other prerequisites also apply.
Since 2010, Temos has offered specialized standards and attention to detail, attracting clients on five continents. It has an established reputation as an innovator setting standards for quality, patient safety, risk management, patient experience and more.





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