Parens Ukraine

Reproductive Center Parens Ukraine

Country: Ukraine
City: Lviv
About Reproductive Center Parens Ukraine

Parens-Ukraine is a reproduction center located in Lviv, Ukraine.

We are a team of specialists that always finds a personalized solution for each patient. Being a part of Parens Medical Group we guided by the European standards and protocols for the infertility treatment.

Our doctors who are constantly improving their professional skills by attending conferences and courses are members of international organizations, such as UARM, ASRM, and ESHRE. Parens-Ukraine can offer the whole range of medical services such as IVF with ICSI/PICSI, egg and sperm donation programs, IUI, FET, genetic testing on embryos PGD by NGS method, surrogacy programs, any laboratory examinations required for the proper diagnostic and treatment including different types of semen analysis, pregnancy care, consultations of IVF specialists, urologists-andrologists, gynecologists, endocrinologists, GPs, etc.

We help our patients with finding a way to reach a parenthood dream and are surrounding each of them with care.

Parens-Ukraine is the place where people become parents.





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november 2020

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Search through 4647 patients’ questions answered by 158 IVF experts in 248 videos.

Search through 4647 patients’ questions answered by 158 IVF experts in 248 videos.