Fertile Mindset

The Fertile Mindset approach to fertility support was created from Sarah’s Holland desire to bring effective emotional support and solutions to the fertility community, her love of EFT Tapping as a tool for transformation, and her own 9-year fertility journey. Fertile Mindset leads the way in effective Fertility EFT support and coaching, with affordable and […]

Andrology Solutions


Andrology Solutions is the first and only clinic licensed by the HFEA dedicated to male infertility. We believe that men need appropriate testing and in-depth interpretation of their results, which is the key to a reliable diagnosis of male infertility. We organise a comprehensive range of the most up-to-date diagnostic tests currently available. Our experts […]

Fairfax Cryobank

Fairfax Cryobank is a US-based leading donor sperm bank and a trusted source for families since 1986. We provide a wide selection of donors that are available around the globe, including the US and UK. Thanks to our vast network of sites across the US, we provide a large and diverse selection of donors with […]