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Mediterranean Fertility Institute

Country: Greece
City: Chania
About Mediterranean Fertility Institute

Mediterranean Fertility Institute operating since 1994, is now classified as one of the most successful centers in Europe and known globally, have helped to complete their family more than 5000 couples with a over all success rate of 67.6%. Always with continuous quality checks and training of our medical team and with supervision of Dr I. Giakoumakis Gynecologist/Obsterctricians and IVF Specialist, we constantly improve our success rates.

Our aim is your prompt and friendly service. Always on hand to discuss and answer any questions about your fertility.

With the guidance of our Clincal Director, the highly trained medical and scientific staff with a high sense of responsibility and consistency, we implement all the modern methods of IVF. The medical methods and techniques we use, follow European and Global certification standards.

Our goal is to adapt to the new conditions (social and medical) as well as the continuous monitoring of scientific progress, through conferences and trainings. In this way, we always ensure better service to the people who trust us with their family!



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