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GYNEM Czech Republic

Gynem IVF

Country: Czech Republic
City: Prague
About Gynem IVF

We are a family-owned fertility clinic based in Prague, Czech Republic, specialising in IVF, egg and embryo donation, and social freezing. Founded in 2009 by Dr Milan Mrázek and his son, Dr Martin Mrázek, Gynem is the result of over three decades spent in the close study of fertility treatment and the desire to establish a modern clinic offering services of exceptional quality.

We recorded a success rate of 63% through egg donation and 52% through IVF. What’s more, 70% of our clients have eggs left over for freezing. These figures are all the more impressive when you consider that many couples have a history of failed attempts before coming to us, and our average client ages are 42 for egg donation and 36 for IVF.

Our clinic is modern and fully-equipped, with cutting-edge technologies that go beyond those typically found in many fertility clinics.

Members of our team speak English, German, French, Italian, Serbian, Spanish, and Russian. So, in the vast majority of cases, effective communication will not be an issue.

We are an ISO-certified company who strive not only to meet but surpass the standards we have set for ourselves. In addition to attaining the international ISO 9001 quality management benchmark, we are subject to rigorous EU and Czech legislation that closely regulates our operations and helps to ensure safety and best practice within our clinic.





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