Country: Portugal
City: Coimbra
About Ferticentro

Ferticentro is a reference clinic for the treatment of infertility in Portugal. The medical team led by Professor Isabel Torgal, one of the most experienced specialists in reproductive medicine in the country, has specialists in gynaecology/obstetrics, urology and genetics, that address infertility cases in an integrated and complete way. At Ferticentro, you can count on:

  • the most modern technology, using EmbryoScope, a state-of-the-art incubator that optimises embryo culture conditions and allows for continuous observation and evaluation of embryos without manipulation
  • total confidence with the RI Witness system – to assure the traceability of all gametes and embryos – and with the Log & Guard system – to monitor culture and storage parameters in our laboratories, 24 hours a day and at all stages
  • the clarity in pricing policy from the beginning of the process, with no surprises at the end of the treatment
  • quality certified by independent entities, with NP EN ISO 9001 implemented since 2009
  • permanent follow-up at all stages of your treatment, including transport and accommodation booking, in English, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, or Spanish




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