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We have teamed up with the best IVF specialists to provide you, the patients, content-rich educational videos on various topics related to IVF treatments, diagnostics and modern IVF technologies.
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About IVF videos

Its goal is to support infertility patients who are planning to undergo IVF or are in the process of IVF treatment.
All our videos are packed with relevant knowledge and IVF facts straight from fertility experts. MyIVFAnswers.com work with the best specialists in the field to provide you, the patients, the reliable information on various topics related to infertility treatments and solutions.

Each video is centred around one topic only and contains an expert’s presentation and Questions & Answers session where patients can ask questions live and get their answers.

The entire video content is published on our site in separate blog posts. You can watch all webinar recordings and read transcriptions of all Questions & Answers sessions – it’s free.

We focus on IVF and Donor Egg treatment, however, we go beyond that: IVF diagnostics, genetic testing, surrogacy – our experts are happy to discuss any IVF related subject. How do we choose webinar topics? All of them are suggested by the users of our website.

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