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Experts Advisory Board

Experts, representing different trends of thought, approaches and practical experience in dealing with fertility patients are helping us in our educational project.

Birol Aydin
Birol Aydin, Ukraine
Sarah Banks
Sarah Banks, UK
Prof. David Cotan, Spain
Danny Daphnis
Danny Dafnis, Greece
Uliana Dorofeyova
Dr. Uliana Dorofeyeva, Ukraine
Dr. José Jesús López Gálvez, Spain
Dr Luca Gianaroli
Dr. Luca Gianaroli, Italy
Prof. José A. Horcajadas, Spain
Mizrahi Saul
Saul Izrahi, Spain
Dr. Lars Johansson, Sweden
Sue Johnston
Sue Johnston, US
Richard Kvech, Czech Republic
Luciano Nardo RHG
Prof. Luciano Nardo, UK
Dr. Diana Obidniak, Russia
Alain Rico, France
Mandy Rodrigues
Mandy Rodrigues, South Africa
Vladimiro Silva
Vladimiro Silva, Portugal
Andreia Trigo inFertileLife
Andreia Trigo, UK
Elias Tsakos
Dr. Elias Tsakos, Greece
Esther Velilla, Spain
Darja Wagner, Germany
Dr. Nicole Wagner, Czech Republic
Karenna Wood
Karenna Wood, Australia


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