Medicover Fertility Ukraine has been operating for 21 years. Medicover in Ukraine is a network of medical institutions, which belong to the huge European holding Medicover, with the head office in Stockholm. Today, Medicover runs its activity in more than 10 countries, providing assistance to children and adults in different areas of medical services. In Ukraine, Medicover group runs its activity in the market of medical services since 2014:- GP department, IVF department, 1 Day Surgery, Laboratory diagnostic – Women’s Health department, Egg and sperm bank, Pharmacy, and Dentistry.

Medicover in Ukraine with the help of a team of professionals ensures full medical accompaniment and comfortable conditions and takes care of the patient’s health at the highest level. Today, there are 5 divisions in Lviv City, Dnipro City and Uzhhorod City, which have a comfortable location and belong to a network on the territory of Ukraine.

During the treatment, the patient is treated by one doctor during the whole treatment period. The change of the doctor during the treatment will take place only in case of urgent or unforeseen absence of the treating doctor. Medicover Fertility has its own egg, sperm and embryo cryobank. They also cooperate with worldwide sperm banks.