IVF Pelargos Fertility Group is a boutique IVF clinic / Medical group, which aims to provide completely personalized fertility treatments to couples based in Greece or abroad. It was founded by Dr Harry Karpouzis and aims to deliver outstanding care to its patients and help them achieve their dreams of parenthood. In Greek, Pelargos is the word for stork, which is the bird that was said to bring babies to families who were expecting a child, and this sums the clinic up quite well, bringing babies to families. With each patient that walks through their door, they give them a truly caring experience, treating each one with the care and love that they deserve.

We believe that the secret behind a successful IVF, is well hidden in dealing with each case, like it is a unique one. Every single couple has the opportunity to talk throughout the procedure with one senior fertility consultant. We specialise in PCOS, endometriosis and recurrent implantation failure cases.We also deal with egg donation and surrogacy cases, always offering holistic care.

All doctors of the group are specialized in the assisted conception and fertility field (assisted conception, urologist, endocrinologist, haematologist, dietitian, and psychologist). IVF Pelargos cooperates with the Institute of Life Fertility Specialist Center, Genesis IVF, and Iakentro IVF Centress which are top, highly experienced laboratories.