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ISIDA Clinic was founded in 1993 and became the first private clinic for comprehensive women’s health – from infertility treatment to delivering healthy babies. Today, across 5 branches with a total area of 10,000 square meters in Kyiv and Uzhhorod, they have deployed modern medical infrastructure including outpatient clinics, operative gynaecology, maternity hospital, ART department, embryological laboratory, pediatric department, and a modern genetic laboratory centre. More than 16,000 babies have been born at ISIDA Clinic, including children conceived through in vitro fertilization, allowing us to develop unique expertise in preserving and managing pregnancies after ART. They perform up to 4,000 IVF cycles annually, with patients from 106 countries worldwide.

Despite the challenging situation in Ukraine, Isida team continues to actively develop international cooperation, primarily in programs of transport IVF. The clinic’s staff, currently numbering 530 people, works in full compliance with international quality and safety standards.

The team remains steadfast in their mission to provide exceptional care and innovative solutions to their patients who seek to fulfil their dream of parenthood.