Prof. Soumeya Bekri is the head of the Metabolic Biochemistry Department at Rouen University Hospital and Chair of Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Rouen Medical School, France. She has over three decades of medical practice as a clinical biochemist, geneticist, researcher and educator. She is an international expert in inborn errors of the metabolism field, particularly in Lysosomal Disorders. Her research involves translational studies taking basic molecular genetics research and developing direct clinical applications. Her work in LDs has involved the development of protocols, basic and translational molecular research. She works on expanding biomarker screening using omics-based technologies (mass spectrometry and NGS) for inherited metabolic diseases and on refining methods of clinical interpretation using machine learning-based expert tools to diagnose, treat and monitor diseases in the post-genomic era. Her current research projects involve the implementation of innovative multi-omics and new systems medicine-based approaches for the management of IEM.

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