Dr Douglas Lester is an expert in the field of genetics with over 38 years of experience in human genetics and bioinformatics DNA analysis. He is a co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Fertility Genomics. Fertility Genomics offers a DNA test to couples suffering from unexplained genetic infertility that will help them determine the best method of assisted conception treatment. The patient’s DNA is extracted and sequenced using Whole Exome Sequencing and following bioinformatic analysis, couples are advised to undergo either conventional IVF or the direct sperm injection method (ICSI) to maximise their chances of conception. Fertility Genomics is based largely on novel findings around DNA mutations related to deleterious variants in our male and female gene panels that are likely to be the cause of defective sperm and/or oocyte function. Following graduation in Genetics from Edinburgh University, Dr Lester was a researcher at the South African Institute of Medical Research in Johannesburg. During his PhD at Newcastle University, he was involved in identifying novel DNA mutations underlying inherited retinal degeneration. After his PhD, he undertook several postdoctoral positions in DNA analysis at the MRC Human Genetics Unit and the Roslin Institute. In the latter institute, he was the first in the world to identify the human UBE2J1 gene, which was later shown to be involved in infertility in mammals. Since 2000, he had been a lecturer in Medical and Forensic Genetics at Abertay University and now has an emeritus status there. Dr Lester’s work and research have always involved gene mutations, which ultimately led to the foundation of Fertility Genomics, where he can use his expertise and knowledge to help people achieve their dreams of having a happy and healthy baby.

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