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My name is Chris Lawson and I left it late to start IVF (44) and so did my wife Patricia (39).  After 5 years of trying for a baby, countless rounds of IVF, treatment, 18 embryos AND some life-changing decisions, our daughter Rosie was born in January 2020.  Along the way, there was heartache, pain, wacky diets, excitement, hope, determination, loss of faith and a lot of needles. While my wife was undergoing IVF treatment I was shocked at the lack of support there is for the partner (usually male). I felt alone, I felt somewhat guilty and at times I felt useless. As a result of my experience, I was inspired to create a podcast www.ivfdad.com,  a support system for the partners going through the fertility treatment process. I know it can be a lonely place but remember to stay healthy, stay positive, and it only takes one. That's why I set up www.ivfdad.com

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