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Carol Lynn Curchoe, PhD, TS (ABB), a Founder of ART Compass, A Fertility Guidance Technology. She's also a Senior Clinical Embryologist Board Certified in Embryology. Her PhD in the physiology of reproduction is from the University of Connecticut and a board-certified as a technical supervisor of embryology.) ART Compass is a mobile application platform for IVF cycle management, a Fertility Guidance Technology (www.fertilityguidancetechnologies.com). She is the author of The Thin Pink Line (Nova Science publishers, 2021), a critical exploration of historical perspectives and controversial topics in modern gynaecology from birth control to sterilization, to episiotomies and the “husband stitch,” to “educational” pelvic exams, shackling labouring convicts, gender-affirming surgery, human embryo research, assisted reproduction and more.

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