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Becky Kearns is a mum to three girls, all thanks to egg donation. After an early menopause diagnosis in her twenties, she went on to have five unsuccessful cycles of IVF, including a miscarriage, with her own eggs. Making the decision to move to donor conception wasn't easy, but eventually, Becky found hope in this path to parenthood as she began to redefine what it meant to her to be a mum. Becky and her husband were fortunate that with their first attempt using donated eggs they were successful and welcomed their eldest daughter Mila into the world in 2016, before having their twins in 2018. Now finally a mum, Becky remembered just how alone and lost she felt on her fertility journey as well as how little donor conception was talked about, and so she started her DefiningMum blog just over two years ago, sharing both her fertility struggles but also her parenting journey now. In 2020, she launched a virtual donor conception support platform - Paths to Parenthub, designed to offer information, support and much-needed connection for anyone needing to use a donor to build their family.

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