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Alexandra Skanderowicz is a Reiki Master, Reflexologist, Meditation practitioner and the founder of Reproductive Reiki Reflex, a bespoke treatment for any couple or individual trying to conceive. Reproductive Reiki Reflex uses Reiki and Reflexology in a unique treatment plan that is tailor-made for each client. Treatments can support each individual to reduce stress and anxiety, balance hormones, help to rebalance the mind & body, improve general health and well-being and work alongside conventional medical care such as IVF, including relaxation treatments for embryo transfer. Alexandra has experience in helping clients who have suffered from miscarriages, endometriosis, amenorrhoea and supported those having IVF, embryo donors, sperm donors and natural conception. The positive results continue to drive her passion to help support clients from the start of their fertility journey, throughout pregnancy and beyond.

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